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Server Status
Jedi Covenant
Status: UP
Population: Standard
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General Announcements
Welcome to Legacy of the Order!

We are now established, and rebuilding, on Jedi Covenant (2nd Transfer). These are
good times for the Guild. We are also now trending on Facebook ( ), come 'like' us to see regular updates.

GUILD MASTERS COUNCIL (Jedi Covenant):: Ferryl (aka Corrin), Cad/Kness, Sengra, Jade, Skyy, Ximara

Guild Updates:

Story Mode (Operations)
Eternity Vault: 5/5
Karagga's Palace: 5/5
    Explosive Conflict: 5/5
Terror From Beyond: 5/5

Hard Mode (Operations)
Eternity Vault: 5/5
Karagga's Palace: 5/5
Explosive Conflict: 4/5
Terror From Beyond: 0/5

Nightmare Mode (Operations)
Eternity Vault: 0/5
Karagga's Palace: 4/5
Explosive Conflict: 0/5
Terror From Beyond: 0/5

Hard Mode (Flashpoints) [8/8]
Finished: Lost Island

Guild News

Making a comeback!

Merlys, Oct 21, 12 2:18 PM.
The journey has been long, and a bit painful......however, Legacy of the Order is slowly making a comeback.

Operations have officially resumed this weekend (Oct 19th to 21st), with a successful strike at Terror from Beyond, thanks in no small part to Darkjade, who organized and mostly ran the Op. We are currently in the planning phases of setting up more frequent Ops and other Guild activities.

Recruiting has been slow as well. With a lack of regular activities, such as Ops, it has been difficult to entice people to join, and even more difficult to keep them here. But thank to many of our new recruits nearing the 50 mark, and a few who have breached it, we are looking at the potential to be as active (as a guild) as we once were before the server transfers.

In addition to the surge in activity, I have been inspired to help out in all my geekiness.

October 21st marks the creation of a Legacy of the Order Teamspeak server. Something that should help us out immensely with Operations, and even some Flashpoints, as we help gear our recruits. The address and password to this server will be given out to a few officers, at first, who will then give out the information as needed.

The 21st also marks the creation of a Facebook page for Legacy of the Order. It had been talked about a few times in the past (and there may also be one floating around), but to my knowledge never got carried out. Well now it is a reality, and is there to be 'liked' and followed. My hope if that, with the massive ability for people to follow Facebook on computers, tablets, and smartphones, we will all be able to keep in touch with one another. It should give us the ability to reach out and say 'hey, we want to start an op if anyone wants to join in.' And with a simple facebook 'ding' on your cell, you'll get updated and be able to jump on and join (if one is so inclined).

A crippling effect.....

Merlys, Aug 2, 12 1:08 PM.
Hello Everyone,

If it hasn't rippled to everyone already, it will soon. Our previous Guild Merge has fallen apart.

We all have to admit that before, during, and after the Guild Merge, raiding was a fairly crippled thing in Legacy of the Order. It is no ones fault, and everyones fault, all at the same time. Even at our peak, it was extremely difficult to get an 8 man op team together...let alone a 16 man, which is what we ultimately wanted.

In this regard, I cannot fault our departed friends for wanting to join a more active Guild. I bear them no ill will, and wish them the best of luck with their transition into Force Recon.

But the reality is, we are effectively crippled now. We do not have enough active members to form raiding parties. While we do have connections with other Guilds, and can still Raid, so we realy want to depend on other Guilds 'leavings'?

I am opening a topic of discussion up in the Forums to get everyones opinions on what we should do now? We have a good group here, and it would be nice to stay together. And if it comes down to the worst case scenario, it would be good to Transition into another guild as a whole. So please add your thoughts to the Forum.

Nightmare Pilgrim down

Chris12, Jul 16, 12 5:38 PM.
We finally killed the Nightmare Pilgrim yesterday

Thanks to all the players that made it happen

Ainonh, Zaephod, Airen, Jokhah, Bluskyy, Sharra, Zurroc, Miley

Nightmare Pilgrim pushed forward to saturday 14th July

Corrin, Jul 13, 12 7:50 PM.
we couldnt' quite manage to get  16  players all at the same place for the Thursday attempt of Nightmare pilgrim,  so we  have pushed the date forward to Saturday for a better attempt. I hope as many of you aspossible will be there for it.

Nightmare Pilgrim on Thursday - Are you prepared?

Corrin, Jul 10, 12 5:42 PM.
Good news, on THursday we'llbe making an attempt at the 16-man Nightmare pilgrim, and we've invited some of our best friends to come along. So if you're interested, be online at  1 p.m. EST.

This is a very difficult so there will be a minimum gear requirement. you are fine if you're in full rakata, but don't disqualify yourself if you're not though (I'm not), show up and we'll  pick the best of what's available, with a 16 man requirement however,  there is likely room for all.

Hope to see you then. Check the raid calendar for times of other guild raids.
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